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REAL PLA/ABS/PETG - Any Color - 5-20KG

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Product description

Order your custom spool, in any weight between 5 and 20kg. You can order PLA/ABS/PETG in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm.

1KG spools are not enough? Then this is the solution! We provide any color, any type of filament in any available diameter on large wooden spools, up to 20KG with a minimum of 5KG.

How does this work?

Just enter the amount of kg in the field, next to quantity. The base price for this product is €24.99 and adds €15 for each kilogram, but this includes €15 deposit for the spool. This amount will be credited to your account when you return the spool. In the order comments when you check out, you need to specify the color/diameter/material for each spool.

 See the product specifications for spool dimensions.

As this product custom produced we have a 2-3 weeks lead time.


Dimension de la bobine
Diamètre extérieur 220 mm
Diamètre intérieur 550 mm
Largeur 270 mm
Poids de la bobine 4000 g
Propriétés d'impression

The base material used in the filament. For more information on the different materials, please check the Filament information page

Couleur other
Diamètre 1.75 mm/ 2.85 mm

Prix spéciaux

1 - 5: sans TVA € 40,00 avec TVA € 48,40
6 - 9: sans TVA € 39,00 avec TVA € 47,19
10 - : sans TVA € 35,00 avec TVA € 42,35
Need a larger quantity? Contact our Sales department.
€ 48,40  avec TVA VAT
Please contact us for an expected shipping date

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