Flexible Motor coupling 5 mm / 8 mm

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Product description

Sturdy but still flexible motor coupling for 5 mm shaft, great for driving high-precision axes with lead screw or threaded rod. Reduces wobble in your axes by allowing flexibility at the end of the rod.

This 5 mm / 8 mm flexible motor coupling is a great solution for driving axes which require high-precision movement. The coupling allows for flexibility in all three axes, reducing the wobble on the rod. This removes a lot of the unwanted motion of the rod. This motor coupling is for usage in your 3D printer's Z-axis as well as CNC machine axes. The coupling fits on all our 5 mm shaft stepper motors and can be used in combination with the 8 mm threaded rod.


General properties
Material Aluminum
Type Flexible
Longueur 25 mm
Diamètre extérieur 20 mm
Diamètre intérieur 8 mm
Shaft size 5 mm

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€ 4,25  avec TVA VAT En stock
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