Smart Bluetooth hygrometer

Check the storage conditions of your filament using your phone!
  • Reads temperature and humidity
  • Connects to your phone over Bluetooth
  • Android and iPhone supported
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Product description

With this Bluetooth hygrometer, you can easily monitor the temperature and humidity of your 3D filament using your phone with up to 40m distance. The included CR2477 battery can power the hygrometer up to 365 days, while the internal memory can store up to 100 days of statistical data. Thanks to strong ABS housing and the compact size (49.5x49.5mm) it can nearly fit anywhere, and can also be used in bathrooms, fridge, or storage containers. Set the Minimal and Maximal values easily using the app and receive a notification when the temperature or humidity is outside the given parameters.

Use the pair button on the device to connect it to your phone

The supported  temperature range is between -20 and + 65 °C (+/- 0.5°C), while the humidity range is 0-100%.


General properties
GTIN 8719345204999
Color White
Material ABS
Length 50 mm
Width 50 mm
€ 11.95  incl VAT In stock
Dispatches same business day!

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